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Write a new blog

On more blog for old times sake

Once a blogger always a blogger as they say you know

- Thu Apr 12 2018

So long and thanks for all the blogs

Nick and john not in the jon

- Tue Aug 07 2018

Beutiful New Zealand scenery...

In a secluded rockpool in NZ to-die-for summer

- Mon Apr 02 2018

Tips to stop blogging

Heres 14 tips to get your life back on the straight and narrow

- Thu Apr 12 2018


car robots. gotta love em

- Thu Mar 08 2018

Any one for a blog?

I just can't stop writing blogs

- Thu Apr 12 2018

A blog for the road...

Nothing like a nice blog to read as you drive home after work

- Thu Apr 12 2018

A blog to end all blogs

This is a quick teaser to get you nice and interested

- Thu Apr 12 2018


Italy is crazy

- Thu Sep 13 2018